Wednesday, 20 April 2016

I Wish People Knew That Diabetes...(The 2016 Edition).

Round of applause for Kelly Kunik for this initiative!

I took part in this initiative last year. 2015's version can be found here.

I wish people knew that diabetes is my constant giver of perspective.

Although bad days cause me great frustration, I also find myself eternally grateful for the access I have to insulin, test strips, tech, a healthcare team and the DOC. One minute, I want to throw my pump at the wall, the next I remember how incredibly lucky I am to have it. I moan about how bulky my meter is, but then I tell myself to quit complaining because at least I have one, and one I didn't have to pay for. I ask myself "why me", and in the next breath wonder where I'd be now if I didn't have it. Because as much as it doesn't define me, it changed me as a person.

I wish people knew that diabetes takes up a lot of space in my head and heart.

From perspective to blood sugar balancing, gratitude to fear. I've learnt to manage that aspect, and I try not give it more space than it needs, but I'm only human. We're only human. And sometimes, diabetes needs a bit more space before you're able to shove it back in it's box. Community helps a lot with this. And it's why I'm grateful (gratitude's back) for #IWishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes Day. And Diabetes Blog Week. And Diabetes Awareness Week. Peer support is powerful, and makes me feel all the feels. So if you need a great big cup of "me too" (which today has 100% been), please go check out the hashtag on Twitter. It's a virtual group hug if ever I saw one!

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