Sunday, 26 May 2013

Hypo...With A View...

Hypos are never any fun. Despite that somewhat, cool, calm, collected exterior I somehow manage to maintain, on the inside, I'm panicking: worrying about getting my blood sugar back up, thinking what if it doesn't come back up? I feel a bit unsteady on my feet, dizziness tends to ensue, and all in all it's just not a fun experience, which sometimes ends in tears. 

Yesterday, whilst in Madrid meeting up with friends from my university back home, this happened. And it was a stubborn one that took an apple juice carton, a cereal bar and then another juice carton (which literally tasted like sugar dissolved in water) to bring my levels back up...and even then they were only up to a 5.6mmol/l. And did I mention that I was in a cable car whilst this was happening?! 

I was angry and frustrated and close to those tears I mentioned above (well-hidden by my sunglasses) and then I saw Madrid. And it was awesome. The river, the palace, the skyscrapers. It was incredible! And the anger I felt towards my diabetes disappeared, as I was reminded that, although it's not something I can ignore, it doesn't dominate everything; suddenly, the cable car ride wasn't about the fact that I was hypo and struggling to get my levels back up, but instead the breathtaking view of the city where I've spent the last four and a half months.

Diabetes, you've had your moments since you entered my life, but year abroad's all mine!

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