Friday, 12 July 2013


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Why blog? It's a question a lot of people ask, particularly my friends. To those of you reading this that live with diabetes, chances are you've stumbled across this as a result of social media, so you know how vast the diabetes online community (DOC) is and how awesome it is when it comes to making you feel less alone in managing your condition

I blog to put my story out there. I blog about my life with diabetes, and how I manage it alongside being a university student, living abroad, being a Brownie leader, being an Auntie, just generally living my life. I know that if I post about a bad day, someone will read what it and tell me they've been there too. If I post about a triumph, someone will recognise why it's a big deal. If I share a story, it may give someone hope. It's an outlet where I can moan about the difficult times and celebrate those victories. Diabetes therapy, if you will.

It's not about page views, the number of followers or readers, the amount of recognition you receive as a result of blogging. It's about sharing, and hopefully helping just one other person. I read a lot of blogs. I love that so many people are willing to put their story out there on the internet for people like me to read. I find solace in them: they're a constant reminder that I am not alone and there are others out there living with a pancreas-gone-rogue. 

If I'm willing to read about other people's lives with diabetes, surely the least I can do is put my story out there?! So that's exactly what I did. And if there is just one person reading this and finding comfort from it then it's worth its' weight in gold.

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