Tuesday, 3 September 2013


CarboMentor is a new app that has recently been released. The basic concept is that you prepare a meal, guess the carb content and then log the information into the app. After you've eaten, you do a post-meal blood glucose check, and then you can rate your guess on the app. This app allows you to build your own menu, so to speak, and learn from your carb-counting escapades. Yes, I did just say carb counting escapades. And, no, I'm not deleting it.
Step 2: photo of meal.

Let's look at this step-by-step.

Step 1: Prepare your breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack guesstimate the carbohydrate content.

Step 2: Take a photo of your completed meal and log how many carbs you think there are along with how much insulin you're taking.

Step 3: Enjoy what I'm sure is a rather excellently prepared meal!

Step 4: I tend to do my post-meal blood glucose checks two hours after eating, but this can be adapted to whatever time frame works. Check your blood glucose and see if your levels are within your acceptable post-meal range (this should be discussed with your healthcare team).

Step 5: Log this result within the app and rate your guess in terms of the carb content and how much you bolused and what your levels were.
Step 2: a selection of tags to add to meal.

Step 6: Use this information next time you prepare the meal - if you were on the high-side, increase the bolus. If you were on the low-side, decrease the bolus. And if you were pretty much perfect, then don't change anything.

Living the student life, I find the app great. I don't always have the time to properly prepare meals, weighing out everything to know exactly how many carbs are in my food. That's where this app comes in: it means that I can dose more precisely for things I eat on a regular basis, particularly when I grab a quick lunch on campus. 

The app allows you to save pictures of your food as well, meaning that you can also allow for different portion sizes, again great when sometimes I have time for half a sandwich, and other times, I can sit down for a proper meal.

Step 5: rating carb guess.
The app is available on the Apple App store, and you can download it yourself by clicking here.

Disclosure:- CarboMentor contacted me to ask for my thoughts regarding the app. I have not been paid to endorse their product: the above is my own personal opinion regarding the app. Full disclosure statement here.

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