Wednesday, 9 October 2013


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Today, I had a catch up with my lovely DSN at my diabetes clinic (side-note - the hospital where my clinic is based now has a Costa Coffee! Happy days!) I got my hba1c checked - I like to know where I'm at - and we then discussed my current diabetes management regime and where changes need to be made between now and my upcoming "Pump Assessment Clinic":

1. Blood sugars and uni routine: I usually wake up between 5 - 6mmol/l, which is great. I have breakfast, I bolus accordingly and then two hours later I'm at 4mmol/l. So I eat to compensate this, without taking any insulin, and I'm still only at a 6mmol/l before lunch. In short, I have far too much insulin on board at breakfast. And at lunch too, sometimes. So, this insulin to carb ratio is going to be slowly reduced until I no longer eat for the sake of eating, and have glucose levels that are within range.

2. Carbohydrate counting: I suck. But it's something I need to get a lot better at before "Pump Assessment Clinic". This means back to referring to Carbs and Cals as opposed to guessing the carb content of food, weighing out my portions and seeing a dietitian over the coming months.

3. Using my glucose meter to it's full capacity: I have the Accu-Chek Aviva Expert, which comes with a "bolus advice" option. Except, I use the meter solely to check my blood glucose. Time to use it properly!

4. Getting properly into exercise and fitness - I finally took the plunge and went to my first exercise class the other week, and I enjoyed it. Time to get more into it and introduce it to my diabetes management, and general health, routine.

These are all targets I can work towards achieving, albeit slowly. Not only will they help towards my "Pump Assessment", but be good for my general health too. That makes it a win-win situation as far as I'm concerned.        

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