Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Outcome.

Thursday of last week, I went to the DOC asking for advice regarding test strip restrictions. I was astounded with the amount of advice and support I got (go DOC!) and I took it all on board. 

Yesterday, I had my telephone consultation with a GP, and the main argument I had up my sleeve was that regarding my work without children. In my head, there were only two outcomes that I would be happy with: 
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1. They let me have 250 test strips a month, and stipulate the next time I can order. 


2. They keep 100 on my prescription, but I can order as often as I need to. 

I wasn't going to accept another option, and I'm very happy to report that I didn't have to!

The GP I spoke to didn't even put up a fight! I explained to him the situation, and he was confused as to why they'd even been cut in the first place. He actually mentioned the letter regarding the importance of finger pricks in managing type one diabetes before I did, and has made sure that I can order as often as I need to. 
Yes, I won this round, and my problem was resolved quickly, but it's still ridiculous that this is happening/has happened, not just to me, but to other type ones in the UK. How can health care professionals expect us to manage our diabetes when they're limiting the "tools" to do so?!  Blood glucose monitoring is integral to diabetes management. How can you make decisions regarding food, insulin doses, exercise, driving, if you can't check your glucose levels?! More to the point, why are their still some GPs that don't see that?! (- emphasis on some, not all!)

I think it's time to make some more noise about this one, as I know there are others facing the same problems. More people; more voices; better heard?!

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