Tuesday, 3 December 2013

It's Christmassssssss!

If I thought it were socially acceptable to title a post "It's Christmassssssss!" back in November, I would have! Christmas is by far my favourite time of year: the lights, the carols, Christmas songs on the ipod, the Christmas coffees at my favourite coffee shop (which I've been drinking since November...), Father Christmas, wrapping presents (usually whilst watching various Christmas movies and drinking Bailey's hot chocolate with my housemate!) I just love everything about it!

Yeah, I still have a presentation next week and I still have four essays to write equalling approximately 10,000 words between now and December 16th, but the Christmas spirit is definitely getting rid of some of that stress!

My diabetes management has a tendency to go to pot around December: advent calendar chocolate, the Christmas meals (I had one on Sunday with fellow Brownie leaders, I have one this Sunday with my housemates, one with my friends back in my hometown and then there's the one on actual Christmas Day!), the family get-togethers, alcohol, not to mention the sweets that come with the holidays! It makes diabetes management a little bit more complicated, and, for me, increased willpower is essential! 

My advice for over the festive period?
  1. Test, test, test. Knowing where you're at will help you calculate insulin doses. If you're anything like me, it will also give you peace of mind!
  2. Keep a log of what you're eating, glucose levels and insulin doses - I know it can be a tedious task, but I find it really helps with portion control and spotting which foods affect my glucose levels the most.
  3. Keep moving! Despite the uni work and other commitments, and the cold weather making me not want to get out of bed, I'm really, really trying to keep up with going to the gym. And when I don't go to the gym, walking. Walking into town, walking home from campus, walking, walking, walking!
  4. Ask yourself "do I actually want this?" - everyone indulges at Christmas; you could almost say it's become a "norm". But do you actually want that extra mince pie, or are you eating because everyone else is?
What are your tips and tricks for over the Christmas season?

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