Monday, 18 March 2013

Here Comes The Sun.

Finally, some sun!
Alcalá/Madrid in general has finally seen some sun today! The weather has been beautiful and I took full advantage of this as, not only was the weather good, but it was also "puente" or a bank holiday here, so after teaching this morning I ventured into Madrid for the rest of the day. 

I spent most of my day outside taking in the sun. First thing I did was grab a Starbucks. I was getting withdrawal symptoms it had been so long since I last had one. I then walked from there through El Parque De Buen Retiro (picture) to Puerta De Alcalá, up Calle De Alcalá and then along Gran Vía all the way along to Plaza De Espana where I bought another Starbucks (withdrawals, I tell you!) and sat myself down with my kindle for a couple of hours. It was bliss.

However, as lovely as all this walking around soaking up the sun was, it also meant that I spent a lot of the afternoon bringing my sugar levels back up. day of sun and a little bit of heat, and it's already having an affect on my sugar levels. And we're not even near the kind of temperatures that I have been told to expect after Easter break. Brilliant. Think it's time to start stockpiling on fruit juice cartons and sweets! I have a feeling I'll need quite a lot whilst I work out new insulin to carb ratios as the weather gets warmer. On a brighter note (no pun intended), hopefully means I'll return to England in June with an awesome tan. If not, definitely a waste of 5 months!

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