Friday, 29 March 2013

Three Years.

Here we are again. March 29th. My Diabetes Anniversary. I still don't know how I'm meant to feel about today. On the one hand, I'm happy: I've accomplished a lot since I was diagnosed, I've met some lovely people, made some life-long friends. Diabetes has helped shape who I am today, and I'm happy with the person I am. On the other hand, diabetes has caused me so many problems that I really could have done without. It sometimes gets in the way of everyday things, and is just more often that not an added stress that I don't want to deal with. 

It's been three years now since I was diagnosed. Three years. You'd think after three years I'd be a diabetes pro. When I was diagnosed, I definitely thought I'd be a pro after three years. But believe me when I say I'm not. I've learnt that diabetes isn't something you can study, learn and practice. There isn't a skill when it comes to good diabetes management; you just have to learn to roll with whatever it throws your way. It's definitely kept me on my toes over the past year!

This past year has probably been the hardest for me with regard to my diabetes. I've got some amazing friends that have helped see me through the good and the bad for the first two years after my diagnosis. This year, however, I moved abroad, as did some of them, and others remained at UEA/at other universities in the UK, and that meant I was "on my own", and it has been a struggle. However, despite being in numerous different cities spread over different time zones, they've still pulled through when I've needed them, and for that I am eternally grateful. I don't need to list names: they'll know I'm talking about them.

I have a lot of hopes this year with regard to my diabetes. First, this is going to be the year I don't "fall off the wagon". Diabetes has had this emotional control over me from the start, and it needs to stop. I have diabetes; diabetes doesn't have me. Second, I'm going to put forward my case for an insulin pump. I'm not saying I'm going to get one, but I'm definitely going to put up a fight for one. Third, I'm going to lower my hba1c. It had gone up in December when I had my last hba1c, and I'm expecting it to be higher still when I have my first endo appointment post year abroad, but after that, I will be working hard to lower it once more.

I actually celebrated my diabetes anniversary on Wednesday (dinner with the girls and my godson and it was amazing!), so all that's left to say is happy anniversary diabetes! Let's see what mountains you make me climb this year.

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