Monday, 27 January 2014

Cook & Count Carbs App.

Disclosure first: I was asked to give this app a try by it's creator, Deborah Wilder, and provide feedback. In doing so, I was not charged for downloading the app. I was not asked to write a review here, but I am because I love it! As always, all thoughts are my own.

I was really excited when I was asked if I wanted to provide some feedback about this app. I love cooking, but I tend to always play things safe, stick with things I know how to bolus for, and use pre-made sauces and such so I can just read the carbohydrate values of the nutritional labels. However, with this app, I was granted to much more freedom when it came to food choices and cooking. 

So, with various friends acting as my test subjects for a new 
dishes, I got going.

The app is incredibly easy to use. You can build a recipe, view the recipes already on the app or go to the information screen. To start building a recipe, you tap "add". The list of ingredients installed on the app is vast, but there is the option to add a custom ingredient if what you're searching for isn't there. 

You need to weigh how much of the ingredient you are using in the recipe, and have the option to choose between grams and ounces as your unit of measurement. Continue doing this until all your ingredients have been saved to the recipe. The app then calculates the total carbohydrate value for the meal, and you input how many servings the recipe is for. Then, as well as the total value, you also get the carbohydrate value per portion. Simple.


As aforementioned, the app also comes with a few recipes already, which I haven't tried yet, but I'm sure I will in the future. There's also an information tab where you can find loads of useful things, from information about carbohydrate counting and why it's important to measurement conversions.  Also under this tab, you can change whether you want your measurements in grams or ounces. 


So, app pros: First, I've been a lot more open to trying new recipes as I now have a way to properly carb count the meals. The interface is great, and it really is easy to use (honest, it is - I'm awful when it comes to technology/apps, but this is so simple). Not that I've needed to use it yet, but I'm very grateful for the option to add a custom ingredient. You never know, maybe one of thee days I'll whip up something so obscure that I'll need to use this function.  [Edit 30/01/14: I found a need for the custom ingredient function: Quorn mince!]

My one "issue" with the app is the fact that everything has to be weighed. Don't get me wrong, I understand that weight of food items is essential for carbohydrate counting, but for some things, especially vegetables, I'd much prefer it to just input "1 carrot" as opposed to actually having to weigh out the portion. But that's just me wanting to cut corners where possible, and vegetables are generally very low carb. 

But all in all, a great app, one that has got me back into cooking and trying new recipes, something I haven't done for a long time now, choosing to opt for foods I "know". Well worth the purchase, in my opinion. 

At present, the app is currently available from the App Store at £3.99, but will be available for Android early this year, according to the website. To find out more, please visit  

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  1. Love the look of this, and really nice usability too! I use myfitnesspal but it doesn't add the nice bits that this has. Good post! x