Thursday, 9 January 2014


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I could hear my alarm going off somewhere in the distance, trying to pull me from my sleep. 

I shut the alarm off and rolled back over. 

Cue my second alarm (I know what I'm like when it comes to 3am blood sugar checks!)

I fumbled trying to switch it off, and closed my eyes once more. 

Now, I often require two alarms for those 3am wake-ups, but after the second I'm usually okay to quickly check my blood sugar, treat/correct/leave, and go back to bed.

I willed my eyes open and reached for my meter and test strips. That's when I realised that my hands were shaking and my pyjama top felt damp. 

I was low. Like, really low, given I'd ignored my two alarms. 

My meter confirmed this - 1.9mmol.

I reached for the carton of juice on the bedside table and quickly started drinking. 

As soon as that was finished, I reached for my glucose tablets and willed my mouth to chew down a couple of them. 

And then I waited. I grabbed my phone as a distraction - checked Facebook, emails, anything to keep my eyes open as I waited for my blood sugar to come back up.

35 minutes after my first alarm went off, I was at 4.5. Back to my slumber I returned.  

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