Monday, 13 January 2014

My Final Semester.

Oh. My. God. 

I can remember starting uni so vividly. Scared, nervous but incredibly excited all at the same time. I remember meeting my flat mates and my Mum freaking out about leaving me and my diabetes with these "strangers" a mere six months after diagnosis ("TELL THEM!" she told me!) Little did she know, these "strangers" would not only become some of my best friends, but also my family too. And know far more about diabetes than she does!

Now, here I am, on the first day of my last semester at uni. As an undergraduate, at least, anyway. I've spent this past weekend preparing - buying paper, pens, folders and other appropriate stationary items, doing dissertation reading, checking my timetable, catching up on uni-related emails (which get 100% ignored during the holidays) and catching up with my housemates after the Christmas break. Normal student things. 

After this semester, however, I need a plan. Like a grown-up plan. I'm talking job, finances, a grown-up place to live (because let's face it, student houses aren't where it's at). I've applied for a few grad schemes, but until I know whether or not I've been successful, I can't really make any solid plans, which terrifies me. I hate not knowing. But I'm also excited. I can finally find out the answer to one of the questions I've always asked myself:

What do real adults even do?!

According to a friend, the answer is as follows:

"As far as I can tell, they attempt to get jobs, become boring effs and never go out or do anything that might come close to making the most out of life. Cool kids get away, travel and live their lives."

I'm not certain which category I'm going to fall into yet, but I've promised myself I will make the most out of which ever situation I find myself in. 

At this stage, that's all I can do.

But, for now? Final semester: let's do this!  

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