Monday, 23 December 2013

I Hate Coming Up With Titles!

I really, really do!

Anyway, here's a Christmas quiz I borrowed from Elizabeth, who stole it from Allison (who blogs at With Faith and Grace and then talks diabetes at The Blood Sugar Whisperer)

Without further ado...

1. What is your must-watch holiday movie?

I can't choose: Home Alone (the first one is the best), The Holiday, Love Actually, Serendipity, The Family Stone, Miracle on 34th Street, Jack Frost, New Years Eve, A Christmas Carol (all and any versions), The Polar Express...I could go on and on!
 2. What is your must-do holiday activity?

Wrapping Christmas presents whilst watching a Christmas movie (see question one) and drinking Baileys. 

3. What's your favourite holiday dish?

Mince pies! We can only ever buy them around the holidays and they're so good and worth every bit of insulin I have to shoot for them!

4. What's your favourite holiday drink?

Starbucks toffee nut latte is my absolute favourite! Very bolus-worthy!

5. Christmas cookies: store bought, from scratch, neither?

From scratch!

6. Which Christmas song do you have on repeat?

O Holy Night, the Il Divo version. Gives me goosebumps. And I love Ave Maria. Again, goosebumps.

7. When do you put your Christmas tree up?

Mum and Dad put it up when my sister and I returned home after our semester at uni. However, when I get my own place (i.e. not a student house), that tree will be up December 1st, no questions asked!

8. Do you have a favourite ornament?

No. But, when I actually become a grown-up (because, let's be honest, being a student doesn't make you a grown up!) I don't doubt that I will be that person that has a favourite ornament! It'll probably be something Disney related!

9. Where is Santa Claus coming to visit this year?

My parent's house.

10. What is on your holiday wish list?

11. Open presents: Christmas eve or Christmas morning?

Christmas morning, definitely! I have so many memories of that as a kid!

12. Can you sing the entire "Twelve Days of Christmas" without missing a single item?

I'm gonna say yes, but I can't guarantee said items will be in the right order!   

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