Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Things I Like.

In an attempt to regroup, a list of the diabetes things I like. Because as crappy as this thing is, it's not all rain clouds and lightening bolts:
  • I like the friendships that have formed as a result of my diabetes! 
  • I like running my pump reservoirs down to zero units. Because the insulin in it is liquid gold. 
  • I like it even more when I hit zero on a cartridge change day.
  • I like the sound of my pump delivering my bolus insulin - it's one of comfort.
  • I like when my meter reads 5.5mmol. 
  • I like when my pump supplies delivery arrives and I can organise my cupboard
  • I like emptying the pencil case I keep my day-to-day diabetes supplies in of all the used test strips. The more there are, the happier I am - it makes me feel like I've been really tuned in.
  • I like the smell and taste of the blueberry glucotabs.
  • I like having a better understanding of my body.
  • I like that I pay more attention to my health in general.
  • I like that my family and friends took the time to learn about diabetes as I learnt too.
  • I like that my littlest friend asks where my pump site is before we start playing.
  • I like blogging.
  • I like the Diabetes Online Community, and am so proud of the things accomplished within the community, such as Spare a Rose.
  • And I like (love, actually) when I'm busy with life and other things, and diabetes is no longer on my radar. And then when I do remember, I am so very grateful that diabetes is just a small part of a much bigger whole


  1. Super duper positive post! Love this, Vicky :) xxxxxx

    1. Thanks, hun! Holding onto these at the moment, as things are very up and down at the moment! Hope you're doing okay! xxx