Saturday, 23 February 2013

Happy 21st Birthday, Lizzie!

There are no photos of us together...I was bored!
Today is the lovely Lizzie's 21st birthday. Lizzie and I have become very good friends over the last few years, so today's post is in honour of her!

Now, as I've mentioned before, Lizzie can only be described as my diabetic best friend. She is incredible. I talk to her more or less everyday. She keeps me focused, listens to me rant, offers advice and is just bloody brilliant. Together we set up SDUK which is doing really well, and I just can't imagine not knowing her. She was also a huge help when my housemate was going through diagnosis! And believe it or not, we've only met in person once, and that was last summer when our first words were something along the lines of "is it appropriate to hug?! We haven't met, but at the same time we know each other...hug feels appropriate...I'm going ahead with the hug!" (I kid you not!)

So, today's post is going to be a list - 21 reasons I love Lizzie in honour of her 21st birthday! Enjoy!

 1. She loves Starbucks just as much as I do! (It was a given this was going to be my #1!)
2. She also love Nandos just as much as I do! (Again, a fairly obvious #2!)
3. She puts up with my moaning about diabetes.
4. She laughed at the fact I referred to her as sugar.
5. Since number 4 happened, she also calls me sugar (it's now a 'thing'!)
6. She's as tiny as I am (no one likes being the short girl with lots of tall friends!)
7. She was absolutely brilliant when it came to answering my questions about type 1.5.
8. She goes through phases of texting me everyday to tell me what her sugar levels have been like!
9. She stands her ground when it comes to her diabetes care.
10. She agreed to joining together to set up SDUK, which is now almost a year old and still gets used!
11. She's a Brownie leader.
12. She got crazy excited when I sent her a postcard from Toulouse!
13. She gets as excited as I do over new diabetes-related gadgets (Novopen Echo springs to mind!)
14. She is more or less always available to talk (last night she went out for her 21st, but she was still responding to whatsapp messages, silly girl!)
15. She provided me with blood sugar logging templates to help me get back on track.
16. She is very open and honest, despite having only met me once!
17. She introduced me to M&S pink grapefruit and lemonade drink. And it's diet! (At least I'm pretty sure it was her!)
18. She got me into blogging. I saw how much it helped her and figured I'd give it a go.
19. She dies her hair red and I love it!
20. She doesn't let anything hold her back.
21. She's just genreally an absolute angel, and I can't imagine not having her around!

Happy 21st birthday, sugar! I hope you have an amazing day and I will see you again very soon! xxx

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  1. I've never commented on this -bad lizzie- I can't believe its like AGES since the 'hey sugar' thing came about. Also, I must remember this list whenever i'm feeling down cause it brings me happy tears :-) (my incense is also burning my eyes ha!)