Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Burnt Out!

Re-visiting somewhere I used to live.
And not the diabetes kind! Right now, I've got university burnout. Not what you need when you still have deadlines. 

I have just over two weeks left until I finish this final semester. Then, all I have between then and graduation are two exams. June 2nd, I'll have finished my degree. That's scarily soon, but when you have university burnout, it also seems so far away! It's also having an affect on my diabetes: I'm so stressed and tired right now and I can see my blood sugars creeping up. I'm looking forward to reeling that control back in when I'm done.

I'm heading back to Kent this weekend for my Dad's 50th, and I'm really hoping it gives me the break I'm looking for to then hit the ground running when I arrive back in Norwich on Monday. I have lots planned for when I'm back, including a day with my godson, dinner with E.Hales and my sister and then family time on the Sunday for my Dad's birthday. I'm also really hoping Mumma cooks a roast dinner too! 

No uni work. No dissertation stuff. No applications for life after graduation. Just a weekend to chill before I get going again. 

Two more weeks (ish) until the end of the semester and then I can really set aside time to fill back up, in all aspects of my life. It can't come round quick enough.   

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