Monday, 10 March 2014

Happy Monday!

Mind, a mental health charity, has dubbed today "Happy Monday".

So, although now nearing the end of today, Happy Monday! 

Monday: the start of a new week. Every Sunday, I rip the top page off my to-do list pad (thank you, godson!) and I have a clean sheet in front of me ready to fill up with all the things I need to do. I can start again. 

That's what I'm doing today. Last week was a rough week. Lots of stresses. As a result, my blood sugars weren't great. I cried. And I seldom cry! And, as much as it pains me to say it, I binged. Then felt incredibly guilty about it. And I got drunk. Again, a rarity for me. And now I'm ill.

Yeah, it wasn't a good week for me. (Didn't have a hangover after getting drunk though. That was a plus.)

But today's a Monday, and how I coped last week doesn't have to be how I cope this week. And it won't be.

I need better coping mechanisms.

I'm in my final weeks of the uni semester now, and I need to be focused. 

So, no alcohol until I go to the LCS (Language and Communication Studies, if you were wondering) graduate dinner at the end of term. Not even on my diabetes anniversary. 

Healthier diet - recently I've seriously upped the amount of cake/chocolate/sweet things I eat. That needs to go back down. I have more stable blood sugars not eating the sweet stuff (obviously) and I need that in these final few weeks.

More gym when I'm stressed. I went Saturday after my pig-out Friday night and I felt so much better after. My head felt clearer.  

Emotional well being is hard to manage at the best of times. Throw diabetes into that mix though, and I personally feel it's even harder, because my emotions have such an affect on my blood sugars. I also feel there is a lot of guilt that comes with diabetes which leaves me feeling burnt out and throwing pity parties for myself. Yet, in spite of this, emotional well being and mental health alongside diabetes is so overlooked by health care professionals. But that's a whole other blog post!

New week. Moving on. Starting over. 

Happy Monday!

[Although not a blog post that centres on mental health, it does somewhat address my emotional well being and how that has an impact on my diabetes management and vice-versa. For more information on diabetes and mental health, feel free to visit or talk to your health care professional.]

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