Monday, 9 June 2014


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You'd think finishing my degree would leave me with more time to write! Clearly, not the case for me! Between celebrating with the girls on my course, starting on my insulin (saline) pump and everyone finishing (so more celebrating), I honestly haven't had the time to sit down and write what I want.

This week, however, things will change. Just, unfortunately not today! (Sorry!)

So, instead, a "ketchup" of what's been going on and what to expect over the next week or so:

I finished my degree!
Such a great feeling. I really hope I've done enough to graduate with my class. 

I started on my insulin pump.
On Thursday, I made my way to a community centre, pump in hand, ready to begin my "pump training". It was a long day, with lots of information thrown my way, so I'm relieved that for this first weekend the pump has only been giving me saline. Tomorrow morning, I have an appointment at my diabetes clinic and I will start on insulin. Expect a blog post this week covering both pump training and starting on insulin (which happened today!)

Friends that aren't on my course finally finished their degrees!
And we celebrated with a night out at a local cocktail bar, along with the girls on my course. It was a good night :-) 

It's Diabetes Week 2014!
Diabetes Week 2014 is upon us and the theme this year is "I Can". Again, expect a blog post later this week. In the meantime, you can check out JDRF's Blood Sugar Selfie, Type 1 Uncut on Youtube and the Diabetes UK website for more information. 

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