Monday, 21 July 2014

Show Me Your Pump!

It's been all over the diabetes online community, and other media outlets for the last few days. #ShowMeYourPump is the initiative of Sierra Sandison, the very recently crowned Miss Idaho, who realised her goal with an insulin pump clipped to her hip

Since then, she's encouraged people with diabetes to wear their devices (if they use them) proudly, and to post photos on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag #ShowMeYourPump. The hashtag has not only gone (still going) viral, but it's also putting type one diabetes in the spotlight, raising awareness and inspiring others.

I'm not going to lie...since getting my insulin pump, I've always hidden it somewhere on my person, whether it be in a pocket, in my bra or clipped around my leg with the help of an insulin pump garter.

Diabetes is a huge insecurity of mine - it's the one thing about me that I can't change, no matter how hard I try. So the thought of wearing my insulin pump for the world to's daunting for me, and I'm sure there are others that feel the same.

That's why the #ShowMeYourPump hashtag is so awesome: it shows people from all over the world wearing their pumps with pride. It's been a better pick-me-up than my coffee this Monday morning!

So, adding to the Monday-morning-happy, my contribution to the #ShowMeYourPump feed. 

And a huge well done to Sierra for having the courage to strut her stuff with her insulin pump on show, and for winning Miss Idaho. I wish you all the luck in the world in the Miss America pageant. 


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