Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Continuing Conversations: The Pill.

A while back, I wrote about the Pill. Like the title says, this post is continuing that conversation, so, once again, could be seen as borderline TMI. Also, to get formalities out of the way: nothing has changed, I'm not a doctor. This is my experience, my personal targets, etc, etc.

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When I last wrote about the Pill, I was waiting for the start of my next period to then begin my course of the Pill. Well, said period showed up late (no surprise there, as you'll know from the first post), so I didn't actually start taking it until mid-February.

Initially, I didn't notice too big a change with regard to blood sugars. Then, after a couple of weeks, I was certain that my bedtime and waking readings are affected by it. I went through 5 weeks of bedtime corrections and waking blood sugars that made me feel like I hadn't slept a wink (my average blood sugar on waking being about 10mmol, compared to the 5-6mmol I'm used to). I put some time aside to basal test and make adjustments, but nothing seemed to make a dent in those waking blood sugars. 

Within the last week, however, something seems to have fallen into place. I gave up on trying to tweak basals, as far too much emphasis was on diabetes and I needed a break. Ironically, after a couple of days, my waking blood sugars came down, as did my bedtime readings. And my post-dinner readings. Evenings in general have improved, as has my mood with this turn in events. 

My daytime blood sugars haven't changed much at all, which is good, and has made it that much easier to pin-point where the blood sugar battles lie. I have also started re-working exercise into my routine which I feel has helped significantly - those stubborn morning highs aren't quite as stubborn with a workout, and my blood sugars throughout the day are just generally nicer. 

As for my actual period (because the whole point of me going on the pill was to regulate things), things still aren't regular, but I wasn't expecting them to be either. Things involving hormones are never simple, and I know I need to be patient (she says after venting her frustrations in this blog post here!) What I am happy about however, is that things are lighter and much less ball-curling and pain killer needing. 

It's a work in progress, one that I hope is paying off.

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