Thursday, 25 July 2013


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I've travelled so much over the last ten months or so (see Year Abroad), you'd think I'd be done for a little while! 

But you'd be wrong! I am once again all packed up ready for a whilrwind two weeks Stateside.

This trip has been in the pipe-line for a long time now. This year, my siblings and I all have "big birthdays" - my brother turned 13 back in February, my sister turned 18 in April and I turn 21 next month - so Mum and Dad decided that we would do a family holiday to Florida for two weeks. This is the first time my siblings and I will go to the US and we are so excited!

Knowing I would be in the US, I begged my Mum and Dad to let me self-fund a trip to see some friends I'd made during my first year of uni, particularly my friend Lopez, one of my flat mates from first year. And they said yes! So, we chatted and decided to do a weekend in New York City together. My first time on American soil and I get to go to Orlando, Florida and New York City?! Amazing!

Despite travelling a lot over the last ten months, I've never worked with a time difference greater than an hour. So going Stateside is a bit of a learning curve what with taking my Levemir, but I feel relatively confident with what to do there. I'm a very nervous flyer, so to say I'm apprehensive about the ten-hour flight that lies in my future is a bit of an understatement! But I know once I get there it will all be worth it (or so I've been told!)

After this trip (or trips if you count from Florida to NYC), I really will be done with travelling! For now, anyway! As excited as I am for this holiday, seeing Lopez, maybe taking part in the DSMA tweetchat seeing as I'll be on American time, I'm also very happy to know that once I'm back that's it for the foreseeable future.

But, for now, let's see how my busted pancreas and I get on Stateside! 

Bring on the next two-week adventure!

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