Monday, 29 July 2013

Hypo Hangover.

It was 2am when I started hearing voices again. But being the stubborn person I am, I rolled over and tried to ignore them. My blood sugar was 9.8mmol/l before bed at midnight and I didn't take a correction dose. I shouldn't have been low.

"You need to check your blood sugar, kid" that internal voice tells me.

I, of course, still chose to ignore it. Logic told me that I shouldn't be hypo, so therefore I'm wasn't!

"Gibbs! Blood sugar! Check! Now!"

But I still wasn't having any of it. Logic was telling me otherwise.

"Blood. Sugar. Check."

I don't know how much time passed, but I arose from my slumber, shaking, sweaty and disorientated. 

I reached for my meter and tried to check, but shaky hands made it impossible. So I just treated with glucose tablets (ones I bought from Walmart that come in pots of 50 - it's the little things in life...)

My eyes were heavy, probably due to both sheer tiredness after spending the day at Universal Studios and the hypo itself. 

After the shakiness had lessened, I reached for my meter again to check my blood.


"Woah, I must have been low!"

I carried on treating the hypo with glucose tablets and I ate a granola bar too. I changed my pyjama top, re-checked my blood (8.2mmol/l), and once again allowed sleep to take over my body.

Damn that internal voice always being right! Very glad to not be leaving the villa today!


  1. You sound like me Vicki. I see that I'm not alone in being a stubborn diabetic when it comes to hypos. (Like right now.) When I got my Dexcom, it makes those sleeping hypos easier because the Dex screams at me when the hypo is just starting, so it wakes me up before it gets to bad, and keeps screaming more frequently until I get up and acknowledge it. BTW, thanks for following on Twitter. :)

    1. CGM is something I'm very interested in! Chances are, I'd have to self fund (UK NHS system) but everyone I've spoken to says it's well worth it! Not right now, as I'm a student and most definitely cannot afford it, but in the future, definitely!