Friday, 26 July 2013

Sky High.

I'm a very nervous flyer. My blood sugar levels rocket to prove it too. Today...yesterday...I don't even know when my body's so out-of-whack right now, I sat on a plane for 10 hours: the time it took for the journey from London Gatwick to Stanford, Florida. And my sugar levels were sky-high throughout the journey.

I began my day at 5.30am GMT on a lovely 6.6mmol/l. 

On arrival at the airport, the nerves were setting in and before breakfast I was at 12.1mmol/l so I took some extra insulin with my pain au chocolat.

An hour into the flight I was at 13.4mmol/l. 

When they came round with lunch around midday I was at 12.6. Again, I took a correction dose with my mealtime insulin.

I actually managed to get some sleep after lunch, for about 3 hours, and I woke up on a 5.6! Yay! But then as soon as I woke up and remembered I was on a plane I shot straight back up to 14.7.

Towards the end of our flight we were given sandwiches and scones (very English!) 13.8 before. Correction with normal insulin dose, yet again!

And, like always, as soon as we touched down and I was no longer in the air, my blood sugar came down to a lovely 5.5. Hello, happy dance!

We made it! Now for the American Adventures to begin!

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