Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lather, Rinse...Hypo?!

I don't know how long I was staring at the shampoo bottle for before my brain caught up and realised that staring at something like a shampoo bottle for that long wasn't normal! 

"Vicki...come back down to planet earth!" Cue that voice again

I blinked slowly and remembered where I was. I also pondered what was so damn interesting about the shampoo bottle that caught my attention for so long! 

"Vicki! Shampoo bottle: not important right now!"

I touched my hair and realised I still hadn't washed the shampoo out. At that point, I felt my hands begin to shake and I realised that washing the shampoo out wasn't an option; the hypo needed to be dealt with first. I turned the shower off and grabbed my towel. Towel wrapped around me, I slowly stepped out of the shower not wanting to slip on the floor and navigated my way back to my bedroom. 

Courtesy of the kid brother, I have a 1.16kg bag of skittles stashed away that he bought me for my birthday. I grabbed them from the top of my wardrobe and started chewing. I found my meter, fumbled with the test strips a little, but managed to do a test: 2.9mmol/l. 

You'd have thought I'd have been panicking a little bit. Maybe eating more than I needed to just to get my blood sugar up quickly. Well, you'd be wrong. I was thinking "it'd be so embarrassing if someone found me like this [towel wrapped round me, shampoo not washed out of hair, sat on my bedroom floor with a giant bag of skittles in front of me]" I mean, it would have been very embarrassing, but not really what was important at the time! 

I ate about 15 skittles (that's usually the number I need to eat to come out of a hypo) and waited another 5 minutes before checking my blood again to make sure I was in the clear.

I was. I could finally wash the shampoo out of my hair. 

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  1. Good thinking...and good self control! It's crazy how sometimes the brain makes crazy decisions when low, and other times it thinks perfectly logically... just not in relation to the present situation. It happens to me, too.