Thursday, 24 October 2013

Write Off.

Write off.

That's what today has been.

One big, massive write off. 

My day started off well. I got up and went to pilates. Whilst there, I spotted a girl with an insulin pump, and we had a quick chat after the class (I love that instant connection of "I get this" when you see another person with diabetes!) I then went to actual class, which was really interesting. 

Then I was reminded of a deadline. Crap. Luckily, it didn't have to be the best piece of work I've ever done, so I quickly put something together and sent it off to the seminar leader with an apology note. This is the first of the chain of bad that happened throughout the remainder of the day.

I grabbed lunch with Nem (potato wedges) and bolused accordingly. Fast-forward three hours and my blood sugar is 22.5mmol/l! But I didn't feel like my blood sugar was that high. What I should have done was check again to see if I got a similar reading. Instead, in a panic, I checked for ketones and rage-bolused! Then I thought to double-check the reading! Stupid! Should have checked first! As sugar levels immediately after rage bolus were 16! Number two...

The third was when I got back home. I had dinner with Shep (spicy chicken and rice followed by cheesecake...yeah, I went to the gym and then had cake...and what!) I then got distracted with things happening around me, needed to make a phone call, and about 20 minutes ago I realised that I didn't bolus for dinner. Major fail! They say bad things happen in threes...

So...yeah...write off definitely sums up today!

Will try again tomorrow!

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