Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Loads of Links.

Man, final year is kicking my butt! Halfway through the semester now though, so the countdown to the end has begun! Today, some links I've been saving to share with you, in bullet point form, of course!
  • The Big Blue Test is back! And it's so easy to get involved! Step 1: check your blood glucose. Step 2: get active for 14 to 20 minutes. Step 3: test again. Step 4: share your results. Simple. "Each entry you log between now and November 14th triggers a donation to non-profit groups that are providing life-saving supplies, services and education to people with diabetes in need." If you are using the mySugr app, you can log entries via the app (maximum once per day) or you can download the app itself from the App store or Google Play.
  • November marks Diabetes Awareness Month in the States, and JDRF is encouraging people to take part in the "T1D for a Day Text Challenge". You'll receive multiple text messages over the course of the day regarding diabetes management and choices people with type one diabetes make everyday. 
  • Be a "Type Onesie" for World Diabetes Day 2013. "Type Onesie" is JDRF UK's fund raising campaign for this year and getting involved couldn't be simpler. Where a onesie to work, to school, to meetings, to the shops, wherever, and get sponsored.
  • Don't fancy being a "Type Onesie"?! Do anything to mark World Diabetes Day (which is November 14th if you were wondering!) This year, we're doing Diabetes Awareness with the Brownies and they'll get a badge at the end of the night to show they've completed it. 
  • Diabetes UK welcomes "major step" from Government to improve support for school children with health needs.
  • Our Diabetes will host it's third tweet chat tonight. The last two weeks seem to have been really popular, and I'm hoping I'll make it back to join the conversation tonight, hosted by the lovely Louise, whose choice of topic is test strip accuracy! (See also: Strip Safely Campaign.)
  • Meet Peggy: type one diabetic since 1943, diagnosed at the age of 10. This story warms my heart. 

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