Friday, 8 August 2014

Five For Friday: Pick-Me-Ups.

It's been a long week, so today I'm sharing a selection of (my favourite) pick-me-up blog posts.

1. I think this is one of the first blog posts I came across, not long after I was diagnosed with diabetes. Little did I know I'd end up becoming friends with the person who wrote it. Daisy becomes "a fully qualified self injector of insulin".

2. Jen (Young, Fun and Type 1) documents completing her Big Challenge - a London to Paris bike ride followed by a Bupa Half Marathon, all in aid of Diabetes UK. Amazing! 

3. For "No D Day" last year, Elizabeth wrote about music, and the moments in her life that certain songs are attached to. I love music, and always interested in finding out what other people listen to. 

4. "Recognize your inner superhero" - words brilliantly strung together by Stephen at Happy Medium.

5. Finally, the very recently written poem posted by Kerri at Six Until Me called "If I Were Ever..." It put a huge smile on my face.

Have a good weekend!

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