Friday, 1 August 2014

Infusion Set Change Day.

Here's a run down of what my infusion-set-change-mornings (such as today) look like:

Step 1:
Disconnect pump and remove old set, hoping there will be no blood. 

Step 2:
Shower, enjoying the fact that there is no cannula attached to my body. 

Step 3:
Get dressed, and ponder wardrobe choices for the next two days as well, as this influences where I will place the new infusion set.

Step 4: 
Prepare new cannula and load the LinkAssist insertion device thing. Make a final decision about where the set is going to go. 

Step 5: 
Prepare. Jump up and down. Pace. Stare the LinkAssist and the mother of a needle that's used to insert the cannula out. Whatever works to then get me to press the button on the device. Keep on repeating this step until I can finally press that little button.

Step 6:
Hold LinkAssist where I want the new site and press button. Reconnect insulin pump.

Step 7:
Get on with my day.

Happy Friday!  


  1. Do you find you have problems with the tape holding? I don't change sites after a shower for that very reason -- the skin is still moist and the tape doesn't want to stay. I'll sacrifice the "free shower" and change it beforehand. Maybe it's just me, but wondering if you come across that problem as well.

    1. I did when I was using steel cannulas. Well...when using steel cannulas, I had problems with getting them to stick in general, and was having to change them daily! But with these new ones (FlexLink cannulas - Accu Chek) I've had no problems. I guess it depends on the person and the adhesive used on the cannula.

      - Vicki.