Monday, 6 May 2013

Hearing Voices.

Bedside snacks.
It's 3am. I'm still tossing and turning unable to sleep, and there's that little voice in my head telling me to check my blood sugar. Now, I knew I wasn't hypo: I wasn't shaking, I wasn't sweating. But that voice was still there telling me to check. When it comes to blood sugar levels over night, I am very paranoid. I like to go to bed between a 7 and 8mmol/l, knowing that, usually, on such levels I will wake on a 5 - 6mmol/l. So when I get this voice in my head telling me to check my sugars at night, I listen to it!

4.2mmol/l was the result. Cue carton of apple juice. I waited 15 minutes, tested again: 3.4mmol/l. Whattt?! Ok, cue some Skittles, and test again: 4.1mmol/l. Going in the right direction, but still not happy with this level. So I then have three chocolate digestive biscuits and wait up for half an hour before checking my blood once again. Finally, after an hour of stubborn sugar levels not wanting to budge from the 4s, I get a reading of 7.1mmol/l. As soon as I got that reading, I crashed out.

It's times like this that I am so grateful that I have good hypo awareness, particularly at night. I mean, I hate hypos no matter when they strike, but I'm especially paranoid about going hypo at night and just not waking up. Last night, my brain would not let me sleep for anything. I went to bed at around midnight, obviously checking my levels before sleeping, and they were at a lovely 7.5mmol/l, so I spent three hours trying to get to sleep before giving into the voice and checking my blood sugar levels again. Clearly, it's a good thing I did. Not gonna lie, that voice has come in handy on a number of occassions!  

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