Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Already?!

Decaf coffee at Amsterdam, Alcalá.
How is it May already?! This means that year abroad is fast coming to an end, and the closer to the end I get, the more mixed up my feelings about it ending become. Before I left for my final leg of year abroad, I wrote that I was glad it was only a year so that I could get my diabetes back on track. That was at the start of April, and I think I take it back. For the first time in...forever...I have logged a whole months worth of sugar levels, insulin doses and food in-take! The whole month! More to the point, my average blood glucose level for the month of April is 6.7mmol/l!!! I know this is only according to what I've logged, and not through a blood test, but nonetheless I am incredibly happy with this number!

Throughout April, I made some changes and I am going to continue them through May to see if I see similar results. Before I begin to outline what these changes were, please remember the following: your diabetes may vary, full disclaimer here! Capeesh?!


The biggest change I made was swapping my lunch and dinner round: I had my carbiest (is that a word?!) meal at lunch time and then went low-carb in the evenings, theory being I have the rest of the day to help work off the carbs eaten around midday.

As well, I forced myself to get up in the mornings, even on my days off, for the sole purpose of eating breakfast. Eating breakfast has meant I snack significantly less, and getting up in the mornings has led to more productive days, that's for sure. I never, ever thought I would be a morning person, but there you have it. Even when I don't set an alarm now, I seem to wake up automatically at around 9.30am! 

I also completely cut out the caffeine. Not even the occassional cup of regular coffee. I've slept better and no longer get a sugar-spike after my morning cuppa. 

Finally, I got stricter with my hypos: as a result of the impromptu heatwave that hit Alcalá/Madrid at the start of April, I was hypo-ing a lot, so along with reductions in both basal and bolus insulin (with a little help from my DSN back in the UK) I tried my very best to make sure I don't over-treat a hypo. For most of the time I stuck to what I've been taught as the 15/15 rule: 15g of fast acting carbohydrate (my current choice being fruit juice) and then waiting 15 minutes, checking again before re-treating the hypo. This has been both good and bad - it's been good, as I've noticed that my levels don't rebound where I've over-treated. However, hypos are no fun whatsoever, and I want out of them as quickly as possible, and I was very impatient when it came to waiting it out.

But all in all, April was a good month diabetes-wise. Here's hoping it continues into May! 


  1. I cannot wrap my head around two things in this post: logging all of that information, and not drinking caffeine. I don't know what it is about coffee, but without it, my face sort of falls off and I forget where my keys are, pretty much perpetually. ;) Good for you for making such great progress in April!

    Love your blog, and I'm looking forward to reading your posts!!

    1. Haha! The logging was hard-going, but also necessary! The hope is once I know what my levels are doing when, I won't need to log until a week before endo appointments (not that I condone doing this, of course ;) ) The no caffeine was okay after a week or so!