Friday, 9 August 2013

Catching Up.

I know I carried on writing whilst I was on holiday, but staying on top of emails and things just didn't happen! I receive a lot of emails that are diabetes-related. As I read, a lot of the time I think "that's interesting...I should link that on the blog..." and I never do. So, whilst I'm re-adjusting to UK time once more, I'm finally doing it! With bullet points!

  • Something that caught my eye whilst I was away: Theresa May, Home Secretary, has been diagnosed with type one diabetes.
  • Strip Safely Campaign - this one has been on my radar for a long time. I think it's mainly a US based campaign, but an important issue for diabetics.  The following is taken directly from their website: "Blood glucose test strips are at the centre of diabetes life. The FDA acknowledges there are inaccurate strips in the marketplace but has no process to remove them. People with diabetes are at risk from inaccurate strips."
  • Test strip restrictions in the UK - I personally haven't had an issue with this (yet!) but the way I see it, the cost of test strips is significantly less than treating diabetes-related complications as a result of not being able to check blood sugar levels frequently.
  • Have you signed up for the Diabetes UK Big Collection Weekend?! From October 4th to October 6th, lots of Tesco stores will be participating. You only need to do one three-hour shift on one of the days and all money raised will go to Diabetes UK (obviously!)
  • Kim who blogs at Texting My Pancreas had a baby girl! Yay! Kim has written throughout her pregnancy - click her name to go read her posts.
  • A little while back, I was asked to test out a new diabetes app called Carb-O-Mentor. I have and I love it. Expect a full blog post on this in the near future. Also, if you haven't tried using the MySugr app, I highly recommend you do! It's awesome! (Disclaimer: yes, I was contacted to provide feedback on the Carb-O-Mentor app, but I have not been paid to do so; it is just my opinion of the app. Likewise, I am not being paid to endorse the MySugr app either. I just love it. Full disclaimer can be found here! We good?!)
  • And finally, I want to share with you a new JDRF campaign video called Believe. Brilliantly done, in my opinion.

Think that covers everything! I'm pretty certain all the links are correct(!) If they're not, I blame the jet lag!

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