Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Blog About Blogging.

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Last night, I hosted the weekly Our Diabetes chat and the subject was blogging. With Diabetes Blog Week coming up, the timing of the chat was pretty perfect. The questions asked were:

1. Do you blog? Where?
2. Why do you blog? (Or why not?)
3. Do you like reading other blogs? Why?
4. D-blog week is coming up - will you be writing and/or reading?

So many "new" blogs (new to me, anyway) were brought to my attention, and it was great to hear what people got out of blogs and the reasons behind deciding to blog. I had a lot of fun hosting the chat, and was excited when blogs I hadn't discovered were being brought to my attention.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: blogging is my diabetes therapy. I can come here and write out my frustrations, my victories, my good days and my bad ones. For me, it's not about page views and followers - I blog first and foremost for me. The fact that someone might read or comment is just a huge bonus.

As for reading other diabetes blogs? Yes, yes I do. Not just by people with diabetes, but their caregivers and health care professionals too. They all provide different stories, different perspectives and act as a constant reminder that I'm not the only one in this.

And, finally, diabetes blog week: yes, I will be taking part. I participated last year, and had a lot of fun in doing it, and discovered a ton of other blogs, some of which I now read regularly. If you don't write a blog, but are considering it (as many who were involved in the chat last night were), diabetes blog week is great time to start, sign ups for which start on Monday (May 5th). 

I think I've managed to find all the blogs that were mentioned during last night's chat and will update my list of diabetes blogs in due course. If your blog isn't on there and you'd like it to be, either leave me a comment or send me an email vickisnotebookblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

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