Thursday, 1 May 2014

My Left Arm.

The subject of this blog post is probably one of the weirdest to date. Nonetheless, I'm going with it.

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Back in February, I had to have my BCG vaccination. This meant that I wasn't able to do any injections in my left arm for three months, which, for me, sucked. I like to use my arms as sites for my insulin injections, and being right-handed, my left arm was the one that got jabbed more often. That, and it was just useful to have extra sites to rotate around.

Not being able to do injections in my left arm meant I got lots of practise in injecting with my left hand in my right arm. I'm now a pro at that (as long as it's 8 units or less). But it was still annoying not having use of that injection site, especially when trying to work diabetes into fancy dinners like the LCS dinner I went to a few weeks back.

However, today marks the end of my "no-injections-in-left-arm" period. This morning, I woke up, checked my blood sugar, and injected my insulin into my left arm. My right arm is now being given a well-deserved break from injections for a while, and in a couple of weeks I'll have all injection sites back in rotation (which also means more Bio-oil to help get rid of any marks left from injections).

The saying "it's the little things in life" really rings true with this one!


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