Friday, 30 May 2014

100 Happy Days: Challenge Completed!

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So, about fifty days ago, I wrote about the 100 Happy Days Challenge I was taking part it. Yesterday marked the 100th day for me, and looking back over all the photos has taught me a lot.

First, I drink too much coffee. And tea. Like, way too much!

I need more friends. Because browsing through my photos, it definitely looks like I only hangout with about four people and their faces just keep on reappearing. I'm kidding - they're the best, and they're in my "happy-days" for a reason.

My littlest friend makes a number of appearances (he is very cute, and melts my heart when he calls me "Auntie Vicki").

My siblings also appear a few times. Not that I'd ever openly admit it to them, I do actually quite like seeing them. 

I seem to have a love  of (obsession with?) the sun/sunny days/summer. 

And a lot of food appears amongst the photos. A lot. 

And finally there's the diabetes-related stuff. Which actually features more than I thought it would, and I'm okay with that. From ace-ing my blood sugars after a session at the gym, receiving my copy of Kerri Sparling's Balancing Diabetes (great read, by the way - I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on here yet?!) and having a blog post published on the JDRF website to receiving a letter telling me my pump had been ordered to it actually arriving at my house (I was like a kid at Christmas!). 

Diabetes can suck sometimes. Really suck. So I'm somewhat grateful that it actually featured in my "happy-days" - I'd rather it make me happy some of the time than make me miserable all the time. 

Wouldn't you?

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