Thursday, 15 May 2014

Diabetes Blog Week: Day 4 - Mantras And More.

Yesterday we opened up about how diabetes can bring us down. Today, let's share what gets us through a hard day. Or, more specifically, a hard diabetes day. Is there something positive you tell yourself? Are there mantras that you fall back on to get you through? Is there something specific you do when your mood needs a boost? Maybe we've done that and we can help others do it too?

Something I constantly remind myself is the following:

I try my best.

I check my blood sugar. I count every carb. I make allowances for exercise and illness. I rotate my injection sites. I go to my appointments. I do everything I can to be as healthy as can be. 

Some days, I get it right. 

Other days, I've screwed up before I've even had breakfast. 

The point is, I try. I try damn hard to manage my diabetes. 

And when I have those days that have worn me into the ground I remember this:

"Tomorrow will be a new day; the sun will rise and what seemed to have defeated you the day before becomes something you've conquered and survived."

These are the words of one of my friends, and they've stuck with me ever since she uttered them to me. In fact, I carry them in my purse so her words are with me at all times. They help me day in, day out. Here's hoping they help you too!

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  1. Some days, we're screwed up even before breakfast... yup, totally get that! What a "fun" way to start off a particular day, seeing highs or lows and having to deal with that glucoaster effect in the many hours following. Like you said, though: Tomorrow's a new day, and we gotta do our best no matter what. Or, you know, even as well as we can given how we might feel at the time. Thanks for writing and sharing this.

    1. Yes, trying to manage diabetes when you're going through a bout of burnout is really hard going!