Saturday, 16 March 2013

Major Fail.

Today, I went to the beautiful town that is Toledo, about an hour outside of Madrid. Like with Salamanca, I just fell in love with the place! It was just so typically Spanish! I loved it! I went with three other friends, and we then met with more people we knew once in Toledo. Apart from the crappy weather (seriously, I thought opting to come to Spain from January to June was going to mean good weather, not the rain and cloud I've had so far!) it was a really good day!

That said, today, I had one of the biggest diabetes-fails ever...I think! We went to a restaurant for lunch. I ordered the homemade burger and chips with salad (nice and Spanish). My blood sugar before lunch was 17.8mmol/l: I bought a coffee and it definitely had some kind of sugary/syrup-y type stuff in it that shot me right up! Usually, when eating out at a restaurant, I bolus after eating not before, so I can then look at the potion sizes and guess the carbs. However, with the 17.8mmol/l reading, I went ahead and just bolused with that I would bolus if I were to cook burger and chips myself. 

Major fail. 100% over-estimated how many carbs I would be eating, and so began the game of keep my blood-sugar up in order to match the insulin I'd already taken. I hypoed three times this afternoon/evening! It's not been fun, and I have consumed so much food/so many full-sugar drinks it's actually a little bit ridiculous!

Note to self: when eating out, always bolus after eating! Or at least wait to look at the portion sizes anyway!

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