Sunday, 3 March 2013

Me Encanta Salamanca!

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca.
There are no words to describe just how much I loved my time in Salamanca! It was amazing! I am definitely planning on going back, and I'll hopefully take a friend with me from Alcalá: there was a "chupitería" (shot bar) that she would very much appreciate!

I needed this weekend; going somewhere different with familiar face (I stayed with two friends from UEA). It really was good to get away and explore somewhere new. I love Alcalá, but with all the diabetes issues I've been sorting out, I just needed to get away, knowing I would feel a lot more "refreshed" upon my return.

Well, "refreshed" may not be the right word to describe how I'm feeling: I'm actually rather tired. I got sucked in by the 1 euro shots at the "chupitería" last night, and I've spent a lot of my day sleeping on the coach back to Madrid! However, I feel a lot happier having got out of Alcalá for a bit, so mission accomplished! I'm also on my way to becoming a tapas-bolusing master! I had tortilla last night with my sangría (yes, I braved sangría for the first time since being here too). Tapa plus sangría plus a bit of luck when guessing the bolus plus walking back to the flat resulted in a 5.5mmol/l when I finally got into bed! Quick snack and the sleep, and I woke up on a 5.5mmol/l as well!!! I'm on my way back! 

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