Tuesday, 26 March 2013

"That's The Bad One, Right?!"

Type 1 vs. Type 1.5
I was on my way to visit a friend today (one of the many diabetics in my life), and I bumped into an old acquaintance on the bus. We got talking, small talk, you know: what have we been up to, that kind of thing. During our conversation, a hypo decided to strike, so out came my blood testing kit and my carton of apple juice. I didn't think twice about what I was doing or who was around me; I just knew that the hypo needed to be treated. Obviously, questions were then raised, which is fine. I get that people are curious. I explained that I had type 1 diabetes and the response I received was "that's the bad one, right?!" 

Is there a bad type of diabetes?! As far as I'm concerned, all types of diabetes are: type 1, type 2, type 1.5, gestational, neo-natal, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what type you have, it's still bad. At the end of the day, all diabetics are striving to do the same thing: keep their blood glucose levels in check.

If by "the bad one" you mean that I have to take insulin injections, then, yes, I have "the bad one." I have to take insulin injections multiple times a day in order to keep my sugar levels in check. It's called MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) and it means that I have type 1. All type 1's have to take insulin, whether through injections or pumping, in order to control their sugar levels. It's a lot of hassle, yes, but it doesn't mean we have the bad type of diabetes. 

Whatever type of diabetes you have, the aim is the same, and the potential consequences of not keeping glucose levels in check are the same too. Just because my Granddad takes metformin tablets and I have to do injections doesn't make his diabetes any less of a problem. Just because my housemate is a type 1.5 (we think) and doesn't take any medication at the moment and I have to do injections doesn't make her diabetes any less serious.  

In short, diabetes is serious no matter what type you have!

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