Friday, 1 March 2013

Staying On Track.

Always good to see a 5.5mmol/l!
I've come to the conclusion that getting back on track isn't actually that difficult, it's staying on track that is. When it came to getting back on track, I was really motivated. I drew up sugar charts on excel for me to start logging again, I read books on living with type 1 to learn more about it, I was in contact with my DSN in order to play about with my ratios, all in all, I was on the right path.

Now, I've found I've hit that point where it's not quite habit again, but the "fun" of "starting over" has also worn off. Saying that, I did wake up to a 5.5mmol/l today, so that has put me in a good, motivated mood for today at least. I just need to push through this in-between stage. It's almost habit again, and that's the point I need to get to: where I check my sugar levels without even realising, and taking insulin is just second-nature. 

I've been searching for something to keep me motivated long-term, something to aim for that will require me to continue putting my diabetes first. I think I've found it. Just ironing out some kinks, sorting out some formalities. But even though it's not set-in-stone yet, I'm excited about the potential of it, and it will be exactly what I need to keep me going. All will be revealed soon. Watch this space! 

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