Friday, 26 April 2013

Bad Day.

An amusing photo for this miserable post.
I am writing today (well, it's after midnight, so technically, yesterday) off as a bad day. On both a "normal" level and a diabetes level. It was horrible. The highlight was Mexican food and margaritas with my lovely friend.

For a start, I missed my 9am class, which I was determined to make this week. However, yet again, sleep won and I missed it. Not off to a good start, and this is before I've even got out of bed. I had a tutorial at 1pm with a friend in my class for  our literature module, which was okay. We just went over the final exam and some queries that had cropped up. Fine, no problems. Finally, I had a grammar exam in French class.

Now, my friend and I asked the teacher beforehand what the test would involve, and he said grammar. Not only that, but he also gave us a list of the grammar that we would need to revise. Brilliant. We thought we were very much prepared for the exam. Wrong. What the French teacher failed to mention was that we also needed to revise vocab and prepare to do a written comprehension exercise and a listening exercise. 

I know I don't need to pass for uni back home, but that doesn't mean I want to fail either. And whilst all this is going on, my bloods have been swinging from 3.2mmol/l to 18.5mmol/l. I've just had enough of today and am very much looking forward to going to sleep and forgetting about it, and then getting up and trying again tomorrow. Or today. Whatever! Either way, I'm writing it off. I just needed to get this off my chest before I hit the hay. Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow. Today. I don't even know!!

"Tomorrow will be a new day; the sun will rise and what seemed to have defeated you the day before becomes something you've conquered and survived."  - the wonderful words of a friend of mine.