Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hola Hypos!

Taking in the sites of Madrid.
The weather in Alcalá/Madrid at the moment has suddenly become amazing! (Hello tan for when I return to the UK!) Yesterday, I took a break from working and went into Madrid just because. When I first arrived in Madrid, I completely fell in love with it, so now, if I'm ever at a loose end, off I go into the capital. I actually went to meet a friend from UEA who I hadn't seen since before the Easter break. We just wandered around without a plan, really. The weather was nice so we just thought we'd take in the sites and soak up the sun at the same time. I got a couple of Starbucks coffees whilst I was there (I told you Starbucks was my favourite), but basically we did nothing with our day other than walking around. It was nice! 

However, this sudden change in weather means I need to be on-guard. As this means hypos are going to start happening and ratios are going to need changing. Just when I thought I got it all figured out! Yesterday, I had three hypos, which I'm pretty certain were due to the sudden increase in temperature. In England, I don't have this problem, as it never actually gets that hot. Here, though, it's going to take a lot of effort and tweaking of doses to stop the hypos from happening. 

I posted in the SDUK facebook group today asking people where I should start: is it the basal that needs changing, or is it my meal time ratios. Unfortunately, I received the answer I didn't want, and that was that, chances are, I'm going to need to adjust both! (N.B. Not a healthcare professional, and neither are (most) of the members of the group!) Things are never simple with diabetes! The forecast for the next week doesn't drop below 20 degrees (yay!) so I'm thinking every couple of days is a good interval to then change any doses if necessary? I'm going to start with reducing meal time ratios, and if I find I am still having hypos, I will then look at reducing my basal too. 

Let's see how this works!

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