Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Diabetes Therapy.

I started blogging back in February. At that point, the list of blogs I read must have only been about eight or nine long, if that. Last night, I was updating the links page on this site and I realised just how many I now follow.

That list is longgg!

But I love it, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

That list is a constantly growing reminder that I am not alone in this. And as much as it sucks that all those people have to live with diabetes too, at the same time it brings me great comfort to know that we're in this together. Even if "together" is virtually, thanks to the DOC. I read posts and think "Yes, this is exactly it. Diabetes in real-life. I've been there. I've wondered that." It's not that my family and friends don't get it, it's that they can only understand to a certain point.

Since I started writing about my life with diabetes, and avidly reading about other people's live with diabetes, I've noticed that I feel happier. Yeah, I still have my bad days, but there's something about being able to come here, write what's going on, vent, celebrate, cry behind my laptop screen and then get on with my day, knowing that there are people that "get it". Writing is good for me. It shifts a weight from my heart that I didn't even realise was there.

This really is my diabetes therapy. 



  1. Your writing is my therapy! Glad it helps, because you help me. I'm rubbish at coming on here these days, but need to get back into it because my control isn't tight at the mo. Keep going Vicki - keep me going too please :) Superstar *! xxx

  2. I know exactly what you're talking about Vicki. :-)