Friday, 27 September 2013

Five For Friday: The Freshers Edition.

I still don't know if it's "Friday Five" or "Five For Friday", but I'm sticking with the latter! This week is all about Freshers Week. 

1.   It's when everyone's back at uni! You get to catch up with your housemates, people on your course, everyone! It's basically a massive reunion.

2.   However, said massive reunion usually involves alcohol, and not technically being freshers anymore, we still have to go to class the next day. Not fun! 

3.   Speaking of not fun, Freshers Flu. It's a real thing. You can't avoid it. It plays havoc with my blood sugar levels. It's just sucky all round. 

4.   There are loads of events on at the uni...except tickets go on sale earlier to freshers, so it's slim pickings for the rest of us. And again, there's the issue of actually having classes.

5.   Freshers Fair. This is amazing and I had to miss it because of a meeting! You basically walk round and get tons of free stuff. Vouchers for takeaway restaurants, pens, pencils, notebooks. I'm sure one year they were handing out free pizza too! Excellent!

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