Thursday, 5 September 2013

Stubborn Sugars.

I'm a little paranoid when it comes to my blood sugar reading before bed. I like to be on an 8 [point] something. Anything below that, and I do snack before bed. Like last night. 7.2mmol/l. So I had a glucose tablet to "top up", if you will, cleaned my teeth and then checked my blood again. 

I should really know by now to never clean my teeth until I'm certain my blood sugar is stable for sleep.


Two more glucose tablets. With the taste of mint toothpase. Not nice.


Now I'm effed off. I wanted to go to sleep.

But diabetes had other plans. 

I reached for my apple juice carton and drank half. And then I had to be patient and wait for my blood sugar to come back up. So I played that Minion Rush game on my phone - totally addicted - and waited for my blood sugar to come back up. 

Godson, Doodle, in his baby days.
Twenty minutes later, and my blood sugar was 8.5mmol/l. I went and cleaned my teeth again, and finally collapsed in bed around 1am, letting sleep take over. Kind of like this (---->), giving diabetes the finger too!


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