Friday, 13 September 2013

Five For Friday.

Or is it called "The Friday Five"?! Genuinely don't know! Moving on: five things I've got to look forward to over the next week, in the order of which they will occur:

1.   Brownies! I'm a Girlguiding volunteer, and after a year out because of my year abroad, I finally get to go back permanently, starting tonight. I've got the uniform out and my "Little Owl" name badge ready.

2.   Diabetes UK's Big Event takes place tomorrow, and I can't wait: a) I get to see Lizzie. b) I get to meet a few other members of the DOC that I've got to know over the last few months. c) Who doesn't love a good diabetes-educational-conference-type day?! Just me...okay...

3.   Seeing a friend to celebrate her new job, and gloat a little about how I was right and that something better would come her way. I know that sounds horrible, but it's not often I'm right with her!

4.   Seeing Jones and E.Hales and hanging with my Godson before uni takes over my life. We'll drink tea, eat food, play with the kid's toys and probably have an afternoon nap around the same time he does. Sounds like a good day, no?!

5.   Seeing my best friend, Nem, and her family to celebrate Liz-Loz (one of her younger sisters) finishing her 11+ exams. This means an afternoon and evening of being called "Auntie Micky" and giving her my undivided attention, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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