Monday, 4 November 2013

Busy Bee!

Such a busy weekend! On Thursday, I left uni to pay my family and friends a visit back home. Home. Such a loaded word. I refer to my uni town as home, my hometown as home, and I'm pretty sure when I was on year abroad, I also referred to both Toulouse and Alcalá as home! Don't really know where home is these days. But that's a whole other blog post!

Thursday was Halloween, so I went trick or treating with my chica, E.Hales, and my godson, Doodle. It was so much fun! Although, my godson hasn't quite grasped the concept of scary, so went round dressed as Woody from Toy Story. And of course I made sure I got a share of his sweet-stash! Halloween's definitely not just for kids!

On Friday, I spent a lot of the day with my Mum, which was lovely, and then I went for coffee and cake with another friend. Three hours later, we thought about leaving the coffee shop and heading home. Was great to see her: girl time, gossip, coffee, cake...what's not to love?!

Saturday was jam-packed! I went for lunch with E.Hales and Jones for Jones' birthday. We went to La Tasca which was amazinggggg! I felt like I was in Spain again eating Tapas! I loved it! Although, the art of calculating the perfect bolus for tapas seems to have been lost since my return to England, as my glucose levels were not what you would call good after. Food was soooo good though. And after sweets on Halloween, and cake on the Friday, it was safe to see the weekend was going to be a write-off when it came to glucose levels!

Saturday night, E.Hales, Doodle, my kid-brother and I went to a Firework Display which was awesome! I really missed going out for Bonfire Night when I was abroad! Doodle loved it - didn't jump once, got up and danced to the music, and attempted singing many of the songs! He melted the hearts of many, myself included!

Finally, on Sunday, I had a roast dinner, courtesy of my Mum and it was incredible! Roast dinner is without a doubt my favourite meal! And between all of this, I still managed to write an essay and do other bits of uni work. I don't know how, but I did!

This "mini-break" at home has been good for me. Not so great diabetes-wise, but I needed the change of scenery. Final year is hard-going, and coming back and seeing my family and friends has provided the light relief I needed. But now, it's back to good diabetes practises and hitting the books once more. I've got a degree to get! Not long until Christmas break now! 

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