Thursday, 14 November 2013

Happy Birthday, Banting! (World Diabetes Day 2013).

Frederick Banting
Doctor. Nobel Prize winner. Painter. Knighthood recipient. Military Cross recipient of World War I. The man that discovered insulin.

Not too long ago, being diagnosed with diabetes was a death sentence, and people were told that they could buy some more time by starving themselves. Oh, how things have changed! And it's all thanks to the big man above: Banting! He, and Charles Best, started using insulin to treat people with diabetes in 1922, and it's thanks to them that diabetes is no longer a death sentence. It's important people remember than insulin isn't a cure, but it is definitely far better than the death sentence given to people diagnosed before!

So, this World Diabetes Day, I raise my glass (well right now, my coffee, but tonight my glass) to you, Mr Banting. Happy birthday, and thank you.

Happy World Diabetes Day, everyone!   

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