Thursday, 21 November 2013

Day Of Diabetes: WDD 2013 Edition.

On WDD, to do my bit to raise awareness, I decided to tweet my #dayofdiabetes. Now, I've not done something like this before, and it really was an eye-opening experience for me. Here's what my day looked like, Twitter-style:

So, these first four "tweets" go from waking to just before lunch time. 6.3mmol on waking is really good. I go to the gym on Thursdays to do a pilates class. I tend to exercise in the mornings, less than 2 hours after breakfast, so I always get a fairly high reading beforehand. The 9.9 after is great - I've not dropped too much and don't have to worry as much about my blood sugar dropping. Because of this reading, I decided not to check my blood again until around midday, which is halfway through my English Language seminar. Good thing I did as I was at 4.1! I decided on a banana, no bolus to see me through the last hour of the class. 

7.2 before lunch: banana was a good call! I reduced bolus at lunch knowing I'd been to the gym, and was at 13.7 after. I'm still learning when it comes to post-gym hypos. It's a slow process, but I'm making progress. 7mmol when I'm in the city, which I quickly ruined with a Toffee-Nut Latte from my favourite coffee shop. 12.4 pre-dinner was to be expected due to the aforementioned coffee. Went out for dinner with my housemate. The restaurant had a leaflet outlining all nutritional information. Awesome!

With dinner, my housemate and I also had a few drinks. Beer always makes my blood sugar go up. But I love the stuff, and am not willing to cut it out. I'm just careful, and I correct blood sugars accordingly, seen with the 9.7 post dinner and beer, and the 7.8 before bed, a great number to end my day on as it tends not to require a 3am wake up!

I know I do this day-in, day-out, but to consciously log every diabetes moment of that day really highlighted just how often I have to stop and think about it. But because it's my "normal" I hadn't really stopped to think about it. It's just there, as something I have to keep an eye on, to make sure I stay healthy and happy. Life's more than diabetes, after all. 

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