Friday, 1 November 2013

Five For Friday: Test Strip Advocacy.

Not too long ago, I found out the number of test strips I could order had been restricted. I text my diabetic wing-woman, Lizzie, in a panic and took to the DOC for advice on this. The response I got was incredible! I put forward my case for needing more test strips to my GP and, fortunately, I got the outcome I wanted. Test strip restrictions is something a lot of people are facing when they shouldn't be. So this week, five tips I received from the DOC regarding test strip advocacy!

1. As much as it sucks to book an appointment to see a GP when you're not actually ill, arrange to see one to discuss the cut, and explain why you need more than the stipulated amount. Sometimes, GPs offer telephone consultations. That's what I did.

2. People with type one diabetes shouldn't be hit with test strip restrictions! There's even a letter from the Department of Health, that should have circulated all GP practises, that you can shove under their noses!

3. Diabetes UK have put together an advocacy pack for people struggling with test strip cuts. It has information for both type one and type two diabetics, and has a wealth of information you can throw at your GP service!

4. Get in touch with your local CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group), and they can overrule whatever your GP has said. They have the power!

5. Make some noise about it! Write to your local MP, your GP service, get on social media and kick up a fuss. This is our health we're talking about! 

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