Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Work It Out.

Back at the start of October, I decided that I was going to start getting into a proper exercise routine. I'm very happy to say that I have actually managed to keep at this. I've changed what class I do, as I wanted to be exercising at the same time each time I go in order to spot blood sugar patterns. So, instead of the 'Power of 3' class I started out doing, I now do pilates and then just go to the gym. At present, I only go twice a week, but that's more due to timetable issues. Hopefully, next semester things will be a bit different. But what I'm doing now is a start! I can't say I'm enjoying going yet, but I am liking the benefits of going. Here's a list (I do love a good bullet point list):

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  • Blood sugars - going to the gym has definitely led to more stable blood sugars. Excellent!
  • More energy - I've never understood this one: how going to the gym/doing exercise in general leads to increased energy, but it really does!
  • Sense of routine - getting up to go to the gym means I have a real sense of routine, something that I've learnt in the past is essential when it comes to my diabetes management. 
  • I feel good - I'm grumpy as hell when my alarm goes off in the morning, especially on gym days where I get up a whole 20 minutes earlier (trust me, that 20 minutes makes a difference), I do feel good when I leave the gym.
  • Sociable - I'm so incredibly busy with uni work for final year, but going to the gym means I get to see a couple of friends as we tend to go together. With that comes accountability - I'm far more inclined to go if I know people are expecting me to be there!
I still have some problems with post-gym hypos, but I knew it was going to take me a while to figure those out - it's nothing I wasn't expecting. Here's hoping I can keep it up as the wave of deadlines hit!

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